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Reds, blacks and one green. Sometimes two greens. A ball and a wheel. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But let me tell you, roulette is at the same time the easiest and the most difficult game in the casino. That’s its attraction for me, and why I haven’t felt the need to play any other game, such as casino blackjack, for almost 20 years. I also like the fact that very little skill is involved at all. Your fate really is decided by the spin of wheel.

Roulette is at the same time the easiest and the most difficult game in the casino

That’s not to say of course that you can’t save yourself a few bucks by not following a few rules here or there though. As with any casino game, there’re a few tricks to make sure that even though you’re playing a game of chance, you can actually tilt the tables in your direction to minimize your losses and hopefully maximise your wins.

Here’s a classic question which was posed by a regular player at my all time favourite online casino, Casino Classic. Before I go into it, let me tell you about Casino Classic and why I’ve been winning most of my money at this online casino when I choose to play roulette at none of the other thousand or so establishments out there.

First off, there’s the casino bonus that allows you to play free online roulette. Any online gambler worth his salt knows that the sign up bonus is top of the list of priorities when choosing an online casino. It doesn’t matter what country you’re from either – they all have it! One of my friends swears by the bono de bienvenida in Spain and another one can’t get enough of the bonus en ligne in France. Sure, there may be online casinos with higher sign up bonuses or more online roulette free play than others – I’ll be covering them later 😉 – but an online casino that can pay a healthy sign up bonus and back it up with a decent selection of high quality games and 24 hour support is worth its weight in gold. Why 24 hour support? Well, as I’m playing in the UK, if I suddenly hit the jackpot or need to ask a question about a game feature, I don’t want to be waiting for the rest of the world to wake up before I can do so. With Casino Classic, I can use their amazing live chat feature and be typing to an operator within seconds. None of that automated robot response crap either! The customer service operators are also multilingual – so that means someone playing Roulette spielen in Germany can call up and talk to someone who speaks German at any time! It makes things so much easier for everyone.

So, back to the question:

“I want the best odds for placing a bet in an online roulette game, is choosing the 2 of the “any third” bets the best way to make a profit? Otherwise, what would be the most solid/profitable bet in Roulette?”

A: Unfortunately this system will only win you half what you wager and will take two winning spins to break even if you lose. Your highest probability of winning comes from playing the French bets. There are basically three kinds of French bets in jeux de roulette (or roulette games): The Voisins du Zero, The Orphelins, and the Tiers du Cylindre.

The Voisins du Zero bet, (‘Neighbours of Zero’), involves placing a total of nine chips in different positions on the roulette wheel. One chip each is placed on splits 4/7; 12/15; 18/21; 19/22; and 32/35. Two chips each are placed on zero/2/3 street and 25/29 corner. The Orphelins, or ‘Orphans’ involves placing 5 chips on the following numbers: 1 and splits 6/9; 14/17; 17/20; and 31/34.

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