6 Jan

Recent Winner

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If you’re wondering what this is all about, go back to the section BEST ONLINE SLOTS and read all the way to the end!

When novice online gambler Gene F hit the Mega Moolah jackpot last Thursday at popular free casino CasinoClassic.com, he thought his luck was in. $3.2 million better off after lining the reels on the ever popular online video slots dubbed “millionaire maker”, Gene raised his arms in joy, rocking back on his chair.

Moments later, Gene had become the latest victim to an incredibly rare phenomenon known by doctors simply as “Bottle Neck”. Leaning back a little too far, the chair slipped from underneath sending Gene tumbling head-first onto an open bottle of half drunk mineral water left lying on the floor. The gruesome pictures speak for themselves. Gene’s entire head had slipped effortlessly into the neck of the bottle, leaving him encased from his shoulders upwards in tight plastic.

“The incident, although bizarre, is not without explanation”, explained a Professor on scene. “Saliva deposits on the rim of the bottle neck, coupled with Gene’s bald head, no doubt still wet from perspiration from his jackpot win, meant the bottle provided sufficient lubrication to allow his head to slide in unscathed.”

Whilst not life-threatening, the dilemma poses several obvious inconveniencies. However, Gene has decided to embrace the situation without regret. “After it had happened, I thought – I’ve heard of being bottled, but this is ridiculous. How are my mates ever going to take me seriously again? But then I remembered the million bucks I’d just won and thought, you know what, it ain’t half bad! My missus always took the piss out of my massive ears, and to top it off, it’s kinda cosy in ‘ere.”

In gratitude of his win, Gene made the final show of acceptance of his new appearance by agreeing to wear his exclusive Casino Rewards Millionaire’s Club shirt for all interviews, and has changed his name by deed poll to Gene N. A. Bottle.

Whilst it cannot be held responsible for any gambling related household accidents, the signature sign up offer of $500 and one hour to play roulette, slot machine gambling, blackjack and more, means CasinoClassic.com remains at the forefront of online casino entertainment.

Casino Classic is part of the Casino Rewards network of 19 award winning online casinos, making online gambling more accessible through generous sign up offers, a great video poker bonus and low denomination bets. You can play online blackjack, slots, roulette and more all from the comfort of your own home. Just don’t end up like Gene!

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